The Adoption Bottleneck

Human nature is about avoiding risk, so any new idea encounters what we call the "Adoption Bottleneck." Most people avoid anything new until it’s “proven” by others, preferably people they respect and admire. Those are the people we focus on at early stages of adoption.

Influencing The Influencers

Influencers are a different breed, who are vested in the new and motivated by being seen as “in the know.” Unlike the mainstream mover, the risk for them is that a rival influencer discovers something before them. They need to feel special (which they are), and consequently eschew anyone who treats them like the masses. Because they must be on the inside, we always engage them first to help launch new ideas, products and services. But the best part is that they’re not motivated by money. The real magic comes from the “non-monetary value exchange.” The best sales force you’ll ever (not) have to hire.

Moving The Masses

Once we have the influencers on board, we then switch to convincing the masses in order to scale the idea. This is where we make the critical transition from the “risk to adopt” to the “risk to ignore.” The best way to do this is to convince people that they will look like they are behind the times if they don’t adopt the new, new thing.  

The Universal Soundbyte

The Universal Soundbyte is the one statement that rings true for everyone from the boardroom to the mailroom, and from influencers to followers. Everyone believes it because of the universal truth. Our favorite example is from the world of B2B, “No one ever got fired for hiring IBM.” It’s a succinct "soundbyte" anyone can recall and repeat, while resonating with multiple audiences.