Building the next $1Bn Sports Entertainment Property. Turning Up the Intensity of Basketball with a global professional 1-on-1 league. 




We started by getting Sonobi onto the map…literally (the LUMAscape). We then positioned Sonobi at the forefront of the massive Programmatic media trend, but as a thought leader in using the automation of Programmatic not just for remnant inventory but for the Premium Ad space online. We then gathered Publishers, Agency Trading Desks, and industry leaders like Terry Kawaja, Mike Smith from Hearst, Joe Zawadski from Media Math and others to participate in a 360 degree roundtable discussion at Sonobi’s owned conference, Premium Programmatic 360. 



 The best way to get on CMO’s radar is through their ego. To market Appinions we told them to ‘eat their own dog food’ to use their own product to market their services to CMOs.  So we created the CMO Influence Study, which ranked the most influential CMOs and partnered with Forbes to publish the results. Every CMO who was ranked on the list was excited to learn more about Appinions and come to a dinner honoring them.  And the CMO’s who didn’t make the list were calling to find out how they get on next time. 

The ANA Study

We created a Recruitment campaign to get marketers to join the ANA Study, called the Marketing Coalition. Propaganda style posters were designed and distributed to ANA members.  This also included proposing a proprietary brand metric, Cost Per Human (vs. the typical Cost Per Thousand the ad industry currently uses).